About Wendy Ruthless

My name is Wendy. Like the character in Peter Pan and the girl Bruce Springsteen sings about in Born to Run. I prefer these references to the fast food chain with the pigtailed girl. Ruth is my middle name, a gift from my grandmother.

Most people wouldn’t describe me as ruthless. In fact, I spent too much of my life trying to be nice (not something I recommend!). But the name sounded badass (and the domain name was available). I’m learning to set boundaries rather than striving for nice. Setting boundaries and voicing the truth is painfully difficult. But it’s the only path to growth and healing.

I am a registered nurse, nurse educator, yoga practitioner, and writer. I also love strength training, hiking, and riding my bike. Exercise and being outside in nature are two of my favorite ingredients in the recipe for mental health. They also happen to be good for physical health as well.