Destined to Write

When I first applied to college my plan was to major in education with a minor in English. My English teachers had always been my heroes in school so I figured I’d become one of them. I’ve always loved to read and write and I absorbed spelling, grammar, and punctuation like a sponge in school (though I still struggle with the dreaded semicolon!).

Something made me switch to nursing a the last minute, however.   The profession offers plenty of work, a good salary, job security, and many different avenues within the career. My grandmother was a nurse, and she was also one of my heroes.

  I don’t regret my career choice.  I’ve learned more about human nature in nursing than I ever would have teaching English.  It’s been like a 20-year paid internship in the study of the human condition. I wouldn’t have learned the things I know by reading Shakespeare or the Bronte sisters.  Granted, it has been challenging, but it’s also provided me with ample material for my writing.

I began my career in the dark ages when we still wrote our nursing notes in a paper chart. Even today, my electronic notes are partially in narrative form. In caring for humans, not everything fits neatly into a check-off box. I graduated from my nursing program with a minor in Professional Writing, though I don’t recall declaring a minor. I was apparently destined to write, even without the English degree!

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